Drone surveying increases efficiency, lowers surveying costs, and reduces safety risks.

When you switch from traditional base-and-rover surveying to drone surveying on site, you are setting yourself and team up to make better, data-driven decisions. The efficiency of drones surveying allows you to shave days or weeks off typical surveying workflows. 

And since the drone is doing most of the work, you don’t need to send personnel out to walk a site or access dangerous areas. This alone reduces safety risks and speeds up data gathering. 

Further, drones are cheaper and simpler to use than traditional surveying equipment, so you don’t need to spend tens of thousands of pounds on hardware and you don’t need to have special training or education to capture site data. With instruction you can do it yourself or have a experienced drone pilot on site and on tap several days a week. You no longer have to wait for infrequent surveys or pay for something that’s not being used. You can update your data as often as you want to fly the site. 

With the right processing software and ground control, you can achieve survey-grade accuracy throughout your site. 

As you can imagine, the people who benefit from drone operations make up a long list including:

  • Site managers

  • Project managers

  • Engineers

  • Site supervisors

  • Head office personnel

  • Surveyors

  • Production managers

  • Accountants

  • Foremen

  • Chief estimators

  • Superintendents

  • Equipment operators

  • Safety officers

  • Owners and reps